Wednesday, April 7, 2010

<-- Me with Jean-Claude Van Damme in Prague. Bloodsport was not discussed, but JCVD was.

Dear Readers,

I would like to begin this go-round by correcting an error in my last blog entry concerning Roustam Tariko. Mr. Tariko is not a chocolatier. He is, in fact, a businessman who has had dealing in the importation and sale of chocolate. According to Wikipedia, a chocolatier is someone who makes confectionary from chocolate. Curiously, this is different than a chocolate maker who creates chocolate from cocoa beans and other ingredients. Childhood viewings of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, featuring a great performance by Gene Wilder, had lead me astray in my chocolate definitions, for that, I am sorry.

Speaking of Russia, the video featuring Miss Universe and her visit to Russia is up on the Miss Universe website. It is available to view here

My video detailing Stefania’s adventures in Panama and the Czech Republic is currently awaiting final approval. We traveled to Panama for a Sony event for the countries South American vendors. 3D TV people, it’s gonna be big. The trip was quick and before we knew it we were back on a plane. We flew from Panama City to Houston, Texas and then from Houston to Frankfurt, Germany. Germany is not without their sense of humor as their airport is filled with bratwurst, sauerkraut, potato salad and soft pretzels with mustard. We dined like Kaisers. The plane trip from Germany to Prague was only 45 min and was refreshing following the non-sense of crossing one and a half continents and an ocean.

Prague is a beautiful city as anyone who has been there, or has read about it, will tell you. The Miss Czech Republic pageant that our group was attending was being held in an ancient looking factory. The inside, however, was done up in grand fashion for the evening. The idea behind the event was putting something glamorous into something ugly, much like Megan Fox in the Transformers movies. The event was intense and featured Fear Factor challenges for the contestants to complete and a stage element that shot flames into the air during the swimsuit competition giving audience members a visual metaphor laden performance. Stefania announced and sashed the new Miss Czech Republic immediately following Jean-Claude Van Damme kicking a bottle off the hosts’ head. If that sounds ridiculous check out the video that will most likely be posted tomorrow on

The trip home was smooth sailing as I was bumped up from coach to first class due to overbooking. The amble foot room and my chairs uncanny recline mode gave me a one-way ticket to R.E.M town. When I awoke to find myself in New York, I realized what teleporting would feel like if it were real. If you are wondering, you feel slightly groggy and have a kink in your neck.