Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Try walking in my shoes"

"Try walking a mile in my shoes," she says.
"Sorry, high heels aren't really my thing."

It's been a bit since I've posted up about my adventures in the pageant world. Since Shanghai, I visited Michigan with Rima Fakih, miss USA, for her official homecoming since winning the USA pageant. It was a crazy experience, but it was a lot of fun. I got to meet her family and friends, her dog, get a tour of her hometown of dearborn, and attend several large events held in her honor. She also received the key to the city of Dearborn. The last day of the trip was spent at the ballpark, where Rima threw the first pitch at a Tigers game. I got to be out on the field and shoot some images. Fun little trip for sure.

The next major event was spent in Nassau, Bahamas for the 2010 Miss Teen USA pageant. Both Matt and I attended this week-long extravaganza of shooting, editing, and producing a live webcast that ended up being viewed by over a quarter of a million people. During this we also each produced a package for the web and a package for the webcast. I got the experience of being kicked by a dolphin tail several times while shooting with both the former Miss Teen USA Stormi Henley, as well as several of the contestants at the Atlantis resort. I was also yelled at by a sea lion.
Our first production on-location was by far the most complicated, and was the introduction to the entire webcast. Matt, as well as Colin and Tom from MUO ran three-cameras and I ran sound as Stormi ran around the Atlantis resort. It was a lot of fun, and ended up being quite a bit of work for me as it was very windy and audio was often pushed to the side during production. Lots of audio foley and post-editing.
In the end production went well, and we managed to get an hour here and there to relax in the lazy river and hot bahamas sun. Lots of work for sure.
Kamie Crawford (Miss Teen Maryland) was crowned the new Miss Teen USA, and we've been running around all over the place working with her and all her publicity events. She's a really fun girl, and you will start seeing many videos that we produced showing up on http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialMissTeenUSA.
Next up we go to Las Vegas, Nevada for most of the month of August. Doubtful that we'll have time to post up on the blog as we are scheduled to produce over 100 web videos in the course of 2 weeks, and then produce three live webcasts. Yeah.

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