Friday, June 18, 2010

Week 1 at MUO

The first week of work at the Miss Universe Organization has been really fun, and I can tell I am going to enjoy the next 6 months. Everyone at MUO is really great, and the office atmosphere is very relaxed. Everyone seems to enjoy what they are doing. Day 1 both Miss Universe Stefania Fernandez and Miss USA Rima Fakih wandered into the New Media department to chat with Colin our boss, and we (Matt and I, the new interns) were introduced. Teen USA Stormi Henley was hanging around for most of wednesday, and after saying hi to us, threw on a remarkably realistic wig and wandered around the office.

All of the work we’ve done so far has been in front of a computer. Installing software, rendering video, converting video, organizing video. We’ve each had our hand at a bit of video editing as well. I cut together a web video for Miss USA, about her photoshoot with photographer Fadil Berisha (viewable here). Matt cut together a video blog with Miss Universe that we shot before she and USA went off to Rwanda for a week or so. That should be online monday. We also had some time to play a mini round-robin tournament of connect four.

Outside of work, we’ve been doing some wandering around NYC. On Sunday before we started we made the venture out to the corner of 9th and 34th, home of the infamous B&H Photo/Video. This megastore is the mecca of video and photography nerds, with every product imaginable sitting out on shelves for you to play with, and eventually purchase. There are salespeople in every isle, and every person is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. On this trip I managed to hold myself back from impulse buys, and purchased the things I was planning to buy.

Mariana from work organizes random outings to do every couple weeks, and on tuesday she wandered into our office and asked “Does anyone want to go fencing on thursday?”. Not to pass up on an opportunity like this, we agreed, and last night we wandered down to a fencing studio off of times square. We got an hour-and a half lesson on fencing techniques, and got to fence each other for the last half hour. It was actually really fun, and I learned a lot about the techniques and rules of sabre fencing.

So at the end of week 1 I am thoroughly enjoying my experience in NYC, and I can’t wait to start traveling and shooting with the girls

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  1. Sounds like you are off to an amazing start, both socially and professionally. Keep up the great work!