Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 1 in NYC!

Hello Readers!

Today I flew into New York City. It is my first time in NYC, and I love it already! I am staying in a women's dormitory in Manhattan where I get a small room and two meals a day. There are also other OU students here which makes me almost feel like I am back in Athens. Living here for 6 months is going to be a blast, though right now it sounds like a very long time.

Tomorrow is my and Andy's first day of work with the Miss Universe Organization and I am very excited to get started. I spent hours tonight deciding what to wear just in case tomorrow is the day that we meet Miss USA or Miss Universe. I am looking forward to meeting all of our new co-workers including OU alumna and president of the Miss Universe Organization, Paula Shugart. I also hope to find out where Miss USA will be traveling soon. In case you missed it, Andy and I will be following with Miss USA as she travels around the world raising awareness for her chosen causes. I cannot wait to see more of New York, but I am also ready for some international travel!

Being new to New York, I am a little nervous about getting lost. I walked around the city today looking for the building where we will be working and found it eventually. Along the way, I passed through Times Square and detoured over to Rockefeller Center. To my surprise, the Christmas tree was still standing there, which is something I have always wanted to see. I cannot wait to see what else the city has to offer!

Wish us luck for tomorrow!

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  1. Good luck, Nicole. I remember visiting the organization and shadowing the Paula when I was a senior at OU. I lived and worked in NY the last three years--now in DC. Good luck & enjoy!