Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fun at MUO!

Everything is going well at the Miss Universe Organization! Andrew and I have had fun over the past two weeks shooting and editing videos for the website and are very excited for them to be posted soon. We also have been working heavily on a promotional video for the Miss Universe pageant that has taken up most of our time. There is plenty of work to do, which is great because I love to stay busy! Some exciting trips are coming up in the next month! Andrew is leaving Thursday for the Bahamas with Miss USA and a trip to Venezuela could also happen very soon. I'm looking forward to shooting a web video next week at a photo shoot that Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA all have with Fadil Berisha. Here are some pictures we took in the office today.

Andrew and I with our boss Colin

The view from the office on the 16th floor

Talk to you again soon!

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