Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Week

Nicole and I have tackled our first week working for the Miss Universe Organization. All in all, I have nothing but good things to say about our experience thus far. Our boss, Colin, is an outgoing lover of life who, above all things considered concerning this internship, trusts Nicole and I to deliver professional work. There is no looking over shoulders or handholding--a true work environment. We have creative freedom to pursue what we think will work for the company and our youthful outlooks on the changing media landscape are appreciated.

The MUO staff is nothing but jolly and friendly as Nicole and I were accepted into the ranks with a nice large carryout Chinese lunch on our first day. So large, in fact, that leftovers are still floating around in the kitchen's fridge. I had the opportunity to shoot one of Miss Universe’s English lessons and have spent the week creating a video from the footage and brainstorming for videos to do in the coming weeks. The freedom and trust we are given are amazing, and I truly feel like a part of the organization.

More on the New York experience in future posts. Trust me, there will be pictures next time.

So, dear readers, till another day. Stay Healthy.

-Andrew Betsch

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