Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Week with MUO

I have worked three days and so far love it at Miss Universe! Everyone in the office has been so friendly and helpful, which has made Andrew and I feel very welcome. On the first day I got up so early that I arrived at work 40 minutes early and waited in a coffee shop across the street until it was time to go in, haha. MUO has been so much fun! We have already met Miss USA, Miss Universe, and Miss Teen USA who are all very beautiful. Colin, our boss, is fun to work with. He encourages us to be creative and think of new story ideas for videos to make for the Miss Universe website. We have already been given a lot of responsibility, which is great! Today I started editing a promo video for the Miss Universe pageant and worked on schedules for upcoming shoots. Living in New York City is fun too! Last night I went out with a few friends from my dorm and walked around Times Square. The cold weather is the only downside, but at least we do not have snow right now like in Athens. I am going to bed now because I am so tired from the past few days.

Can't wait for another exciting day tomorrow at the MUO office!

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